Battery LED flickering tea light candles

Battery LED flickering tea light candles


 these tea lights have a flame shaped LED bulb which softly flickers to mimic the effect of a real candle. They have a 4cm height and a 2cm diameter. Battery tea lights are always cool to touch and are safe around children and decorations. The LED bulb is wind proof and works perfectly anywhere.

Battery powered tea lights are most commonly used to replace real tea lights at parties and events as a safe and reliable alternative. Ideally used for table decoration at parties, restaurants, weddings and christenings, these contemporary tea lights give a decorative effect and last up to 35 hours.

Each tea light comes supplied with one 1v CR2032 lithium battery and has an easy to use on/off switch on the base of the tea light. Changing the battery is quick and simple, Just un-clip the compartment, replace with new battery and clip back on

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